Links Galore!

Here are some links I have come across. There are fun sites, business sites, political sites, military sites, children sites and just about anything you can think of. If you have come across a site you would like me to visit and put on here for my visitors to come to, just send me an e-mail and I will be glad to have a look. If you come across a link that does not work, please take just a moment to let me know so I can fix or remove it.

My favorites

A GREAT search engine
If you looking for ANYTHING on the Internet this is the search engine for you!
Entrepreneurial Parent
This is a place for people that are trying to manage a business and be a parent too.
Lullabies and other childrens songs
There are lots of songs for children with the words for them to sing along.
Want to surf the web anonomously and know that noone is looking?
HTML: an interactive tutorial
A great place to learn about html
Get ICQ and know when your friends are on line and you can chat with them too!
Pretty Good Privacy
Encrypt your e-mail and keep uncle sam in the dark!
Apple Computer
Can you guess what kind of computer I use?
Apple user groups
Looking for a user group to make you feel at home with your mac?
Learn the net: An interactive tutorial
Want to learn the net? This is the link for you.
US Department of Education
Need to know something about education?
Have some fun on the internet!
HHC 2nd Brigade
Pa Army National Guard Unit.
American Legion National Headquarters
A great association to belong to.
The US Navy
I spent 8 years in the Navy how could I not have a link to their site?
USS Nimitz Homepage
I spent 4 years floating on this aircraft carrier and I am a member of the USS Nimitz association
US Supreme Court
Get all the information about our Supreme Court right here.
United States Code
Get the actual copy of any Federal law!
Congressional E-mail Directory
Get your gongressman's e-mail address and let them know what is on your mind!!!
Thomas--US congress on the internet
Find out what congress is up to, and watch them like a hawk, they do it to you!
Yahoo! Get Local
Looking for websites that are in your town? You can find them here.
Altavista: Translations
Need to translate another language to english and vise versa?
U.S. Cavalry
Military and camping equipment
Apple users of Washington, Pa.
My Apple users page.
The Jim Quinn in the morning show
If you like Rush Limbaugh you love Jim Quinn!
Fixacomputer "Free and pay computer support"

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