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If you need help with your Apple Computer, or someone to turn to when the Windows 95/98 users get you down, feel free to join us and get the support you need. Everyone is welcome, even if you are a Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/W7 user and need to get back to reality with other Mac users! When it comes to getting online and staying online I can probably help just about anyone PC or Mac.

Nevin L. Cumpston

815 Manifold Road
Washington, PA 15301-9607

Massive Apple Links!

Apple Computer
Busiest web site but you feel at home.
The best Mac web sites
Plenty of sites to satisfy your apple cravings.
Troubleshooting Assistance
Macworld Magazine
My Fixacomputer Web Page
My home business homepage. Lots of business and Computer links.
Fun stuff, games, old apple sounds and more!
Interesting URL's
What can I say, too much in here to even try listing!
My Favorite links
There are links for just about everyone in here. Business, military, children, government and LOTS more!
Low End Mac
Need upgrade information? Here it is!

The BEST place on the net to get FREE help for your computer when you need it!

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This page was last modified on 05 March 2011